Left 4 Dead

Zombies attack in this survival FPS from the creators at Valve

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Try to survive against zombies that are running after you from all sides.

This isn't the typical zombie game. You've probably seen that zombies walk rather slow and are easy to get away from as long as you have a way to shoot them in the head. That's not the case with this game. They will run after you with no hesitation. There are several survival situations that you have to complete in the game if you expect to win.

You work with a team in the game. The first challenge is escaping from a roof to get to the subway. There are zombies on the ground below, but you have plenty of weapons to deal with them. You have to get through the building with a torch light; but look around every corner as there are surprises everywhere. When everyone is firing a gun then you might feel a bit safer as this is when most of the zombies will be killed.

The game can be played with the computer as the rest of the team members or with four other players who are online. It's sometimes best if you do play with real people as they can watch your back while you're trying to maneuver your way through the buildings and along the streets. The zombies will moan and groan when they get too close, but that means that you need to have your weapons ready to fire. There are points in the game where you can save your progress, but it's reaching those points that is difficult. The graphics are good for a zombie game, but the overall atmosphere is dark, making it hard to see what you're doing at times.


  • Action all the time
  • Play with real people online
  • Good details


  • Graphics need improvement
  • Not a variety of weapons

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